March 16, 2023

StreamSpell & Streamlabs!

StreamSpell is partnered with the biggest live streaming software service: Streamlabs!

StreamSpell works side by side to offer the best stream overlays and themes for creators and streamers, always innovating and shaping the future of livestreaming design.

Learn more below!

About Streamlabs

Nowadays, Streamlabs is one of the best live streaming softwares out there.  They are constantly shaping the future of live streaming for creators by building the most intuitive and advanced tools and softwares, offering streamers even more ways to grow their channels, engage with viewers and monetize their broadcasts.

Stream Overlay Template

Streamlabs is known for many tools, one of them being Streamlabs Desktop, a free and open-source streaming software, distributing their user's content over platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live.

StreamSpell's library

On StreamLabs website, you are able to personalize your stream even more, adding a professional touch to your transmissions. It also offers free stream overlays and hundreds more with Prime.

Custom Stream Overlays

That’s where you are able to locate StreamSpell’s library! In there, Streamlabs Prime users are able to find a large selection of streaming overlays, alerts and much more! In there, you can find all themes that can also be found on StreamSpell’s store and even some exclusive ones, created only for StreamLabs.

Those options are completely for free and clients can download as many overlays as they wish, having all of the essential assets ready to be easily imported and used during their streams.

So make sure to check StreamSpell's library page and find even more options for you as a streamer and content creator!

With love,
StreamSpell Team 💙

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