March 16, 2023

Streamlabs or OBS Studio?

If you are a Streamer, you probably already heard about StreamLabs and/or OBS Studio, and maybe you’ve felt a little lost on which one to choose.

Even though there are some other softwares programs out there, these two are the ones most streamers choose and use. Both are great options and in the end, you are the only one that can choose which one is the best for you, but here in this post we can try to help you a little bit, by talking a little bit about the pros and cons of them both.

These services are both excellent for users who stream on YouTube, Twitch and other platforms, but they have some crucial differences which may help you decide which one is the best for you and for your stream!

So let’s do this!


OBS Studio stands for Open Broadcasting Software Studio. With it, you are able to capture image/audio and broadcast it live on several streaming platforms. The software is available for free and you can download it on your computer!

Let’s now break down some of the pros and cons!


  • Open-source code

It is an open source cross-platform streaming and recording program. What does that mean? It means users can create customizable plugins and even effects, which allows you to always improve and make your stream look exactly like you want.

  • Multi-platform support

OBS Studio works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, and can be downloaded in 32 and 64 bit versions. With it, you can stream on Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook and many more.

  • Helpful interface

The OBS Studio interface is completely customizable! You can simply drag and drop every element of the workspace and you will manually connect a Twitch, YouTube or another streaming platform key. It’s also a high-performance software, offering a great and intuitive user experience.

  • Low CPU usage

OBS Studio boasts a lower CPU usage while streaming, resulting in better FPS rate. When it comes to having a smooth stream, using the software which loads the system least is a great option if you don't have a powerful computer.


  • Not many varieties

OBS Studio is straightforward, which can be great and very intuitive to those who use it, but the downside is that the software lacks some perks and variety, like chats, themes and more. They still can be added via Browser Sources and other plugins, but it is not a main part of OBS Studio.

  • Chatbox and Stream Informations

Here is one of the main differences between Streamlabs and OBS: operating the chat box and live information. OBS Studio does not have this option. For you to keep an eye on the chat you’ll need to download plugins.

  • CPU Power and RAM

If you want to use certain features, you’ll have to run separate programs and browser tabs, which can have a negative impact on your stream, since it will need to dedicate more CPU power and RAM to other programs and tabs.


Streamlabs Desktop (formerly Streamlabs OBS) is essentially the same as OBS but improved and with more features.

This software is also available for free and you can download it on your computer. StreamLabs Desktop was mainly focused for Windows, however during 2020, StreamLabs launched a private beta for Streamlabs Desktop on macOS, but that private beta is currently closed. And the open beta is coming soon.

Now let’s talk more about the pros and cons!


  • Easy installation process

Installing StreamLabs Desktop is even easier than OBS. All you need to do is: download the installer on your PC, run it, and after the installation is completed, you can link your streaming account, run the auto optimizer, add your stream key. You are good to go now!

  • More options and themes

StreamLabs Desktop offers you a variety of free integrated themes. It is packed with features and designs that can be added easily and fast to your stream! It also offers a Themes Tab, where you can install and customize theme packages, and more!

  • Chat within the app

The chat on Streamlabs Desktop allows you to manage the chat inside the software itself. You can change the channel modes and manage mod tools, for example.  You won’t need to keep up a browser tab to manage chats! It also offers an Integrated Chatbot.

  • Test Widget feature

At the bottom of the app, you can find a Test Button! This button allows you to check everything before going live. It is super simple and safe and you can use it to make sure everything looks fine on your stream before actually start straming.


  • CPU Usage

By offering way more options and features, StreamLabs Desktop demands more CPU usage. So keep that in mind while choosing the software you'll be using.

  • Lacks sounds commands

The integrated Chatbot lacks sound commands for your chat (unlike the standalone version). So if you really want them, you would need to run the Chatbot separately from StreamLabs Desktop.

So… StreamLabs OBS or OBS?

Now that we’ve talked about some important aspects of both softwares, and saw the pros and cons of each one of them, the question may still remain: StreamLabs Desktop or OBS?

In terms of basic functions, the two applications manage to do everything that is expected from streaming tools. In both programs it is possible to configure the audio, video, output, shortcut and transmission options. So in the end, it all comes down to personal preference. We know, we know... But well, it's the simple truth.

Testing both softwares and checking to see which one works better for you (and on your computer!) is extremely important.

Both are great softwares that can be used by different streamers and in the end, you are the only one that can decide which one helps you and your stream the best!

With lots of love and wishing you all the luck,

StreamSpell Team 💙

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