Dedicated & passionate

Those words define the team we've assembled at StreamSpell. We're a small team, yet we managed to touch over 500k people's lives with our creativity by enabling them to emanate their online persona.

Twitch Stream Graphic Designer

Meet our team members

We're real people.

Founder Daniel Mayhe
CEO & Co-Founder

Left a 9/5 job to work 24/7 for streamers.

Julia Pazin
CCO & Co-Founder

Shoots new product ideas on a daily basis.

Rafael Lima
Head creative

Creates amazing graphics while lying on his bed.

Knows 26 different languages (also korean) and makes sure we go global.

Ensures quality control so people's CPU don't burn.

Gustavo Dresch

Sets the same value for VALORANT & digital painting.

Isabella Nalin

Ellie's stunt double. Also paints.

Infinite Stream Package Maker. AKA The Herbivore Tiger.

Laurie Illustrator

Former intern of Prof. Oak.