March 16, 2023

Important Tips for Streamers!

Being a streamer takes courage and determination! It is not as easy as some people think and sometimes you need a little push or just some tips that may help you along the way.

So if you need those, you came to the right place! In this post, StreamSpell is here to help you with 10 tips every streamer needs to hear and keep in mind!

Let’s do this!


We all know it takes a lot of courage to be a streamer and even more to press that “go live” button. But there is no better time than now!

After preparing yourself and making sure streaming is something you want to pursue, you just need to breathe and take the courage to go and do it. Keep in mind that when it comes about streaming, you’ll always be learning how to improve and how to grow. You don’t need to know everything when you are starting and you also don’t need to have the best setup in the world! So don’t worry too much. Just go for it and have fun!


When we are streaming it is really common to just go there and check the views, but hey, remember! Don’t obsess over the numbers! Yes, numbers are important but they are not everything, and in the beginning the view count may not be the one you expect. So don’t let that demotivate you or scare you.

When the view count falls, even if it’s a little bit, you’ll probably start overthinking what you may be doing wrong. Don’t do that to yourself! Focus on the stream, talking to your supporters and viewers, and don’t forget to be yourself and enjoy what you are doing!


We all have people that inspire us or that sometimes we even feel like “wow I want to get where that person got”. But comparison is not good and it is certainly not where you should get your motivation from!

When you compare yourself to others, you are just belittling yourself in a lot of different ways. Comparison is always the key to unhappiness. You are not “behind” and you are not “less”. Each streamer’s journey is something unique, valid and also something really personal. No one’s path is “better” than yours. They are just different paths, and all of them are beautiful and have their own merits.

Remember to focus on yourself. It’s easy to compare yourself, but just breathe and create a healthier mindset. Love your past and embrace your future! Accept where you are. Accept your own journey. Don’t forget to be grateful for everything you have and every little thing you achieve! This is your path and it is valid.


We know most times it is difficult to focus on playing, working and at the same time, interact with the viewers, but it is important to do so! If they wanted to just see someone play, or draw, they could just go to YouTube and watch a video. If you are streaming, remember that people expect interactivity. They expect some kind of connection so talking and being the best host you can is really important and will help you create a community and a nice engagement.

So with time, try to practice talking more and more to your audience. Make sure to thank them for every new little thing, ask them questions, and always be aware of new followers and subscribers, by saying at least a little “hello” and “welcome”! That way you can involve people and you will make them feel part of something.


“Everyone commits mistakes.” That is a common phrase that we all hear, through our entire life, but sometimes it is really easy to forget when we are the ones that committed that mistake. Sometimes the pressure we put in ourselves and everything we do, can take a lot from us, so be careful!

Committing mistakes is something totally human and acceptable. It is not the end and you can always forgive yourself and learn better. Making sure to not commit those same mistakes is valid and really important. You can also apologize everytime you need to! There is no shame in admitting that you committed a mistake!

You can always improve and grow as a person and as a streamer! Don’t be too harsh on yourself and remember that you are only human in the end.


We know it sounds really simple and cliche, but scheduling is indeed something important that can’t be ignored. By scheduling you make sure you plan your stream, and is also a way of keeping an eye on yourself and your goals. You can plan everything based on the time you have available, and that can help you organize things in your mind and also create a streaming routine.

When it's done effectively, it can help you in so many different ways! Since we know consistency is something important when you are a streamer, a schedule will help you improve that and pay attention to everything you have planned for that week or even month, and even push yourself a little bit to stream more, creating baseline standards of productivity.

A schedule can also help you have enough time for family and friends, and even hobbies and other areas of your personal life. Creating a good work-life balance is the way to go!


Having a nice setup while streaming is something all streamers know as something important. Sometimes it is not easy to have the best equipment in the beginning, but don’t you worry! With time you can always improve your setup and make it more professional.

But that’s not the only thing that matters! If you stream on Twitch or YouTube or even other streaming platforms, it is always important to work on your stream channel’s art and design! Having a nice logo, some fun emotes for your chat and also a nice banner/header will set your brand, show to your viewers that you are committed and also make your channel look way more professional and trustworthy.


Social Media is really important when you are a Streamer. We know most times people don’t have much patience for social media, but hey, it is a great way of talking to those who support you and also keeping yourself connected. It can definitely be an ally!

You can also use social media to announce things, run giveaways, let your viewers know about your day to day or even about your schedule! Posting sneak peeks, or even some of your stream highlights will make them interested in checking your stream next time! And we can’t forget! A powerful use of social media when it comes about your stream is the ‘Going Live’ post. Inform your followers that you’re about to stream!

Besides all those great ways of using social media, the simple and yet human side of it can also help you a lot! You can talk to your supporters and get to know your viewers and their interests better!  Build your community within the stream but also using social media!


This is something you will hear from everyone and guess why! It’s the simple and biggest truth! Being yourself is really important when being a streamer! Remember that when you are streaming, you are literally the show!

Don’t try to “copy” or mimic other streamer’s vibe or style! They are their own person and are loved exactly because they are themselves. Keep that in mind! Part of your streaming success is linked to your content, but a biggest part of it is based on how viewers see you and how much they like you and vibe with you.

In the end, streaming it’s all about the individual and the community you build while being completely yourself and having fun!


Streaming is not about suddenly getting where you want. It is a long journey that takes patience and a lot of determination. It is not a day trip. You need to focus on the present and keep doing what you are doing, always trying to improve your content and making sure to always be yourself!

We know sometimes it is difficult to keep hope and even positivity. Sometimes the path seems too long and things take too much time, so you can start feeling demotivated or even hopeless, but keep in mind that if this is something that you truly want, you’ll get there eventually. The streamers you watch today were not suddenly on the top! They took their time to get where they are today and all of their numbers are a reflection of their hard work and their fortitude.

It takes patience, determination and passion, to get where you want as a streamer, and these are all things you have within yourself! So go there and start to write your own story as a streamer. Start from chapter one and one day, you’ll have a lot of chapters to complete this path.


So these were some tips for you streamers! We hope we could help you at least a little bit, but keep in mind that you are the only one that will know for sure what is the best approach and the best path for you.

You’ll commit your mistakes and you'll stand again. Just keep going and believe in yourself. Don’t lose hope and don’t lose passion!

Keep believing in yourself, Streamer! Keep fighting!

With lots of love and wishing you all the luck,
StreamSpell Team 💙

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