March 16, 2023

Esports Awards 2021!

We did it, fam! 💙

StreamSpell is nominated and a finalist in the category “Creative Team of the Year” at the 2021’s Esports Awards! Now we need your help and support!

In this post we’ll talk more about the ceremony, how you can help us and more!


The Esports Awards is the biggest international award show when it comes to electronic sports. It is held annually and dedicated to celebrating and honouring the achievements across the esports industry.

The award show has many categories that are devoted to the community, industry, creative, on-air and professional competitive scene!

It is currently held at the Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas, in November each year. The ceremony is also streamed live on many platforms including Twitch, Twitter and YouTube.

An important and curious thing to know is that the Esports Awards is currently the only award ceremony in the entire gaming industry that is focused specifically and solely on celebrating the achievements of the esports scene!


When we are talking about the Esports Awards, nominees are submitted by the public. They can access the award show website and submit their indications! After that, all nominations are evaluated by the Esports Awards panel - that is made up from experts/specialists from the industry - and the finalists are then announced.

Once all the finalists are announced, the public then vote on their front runners for each category based on their preferences and on the nominees achievements over the past year. Those votes are also submitted via the Esports Awards website and after they are all accounted for, the panel then vote on their choices for each category. These votes are added to the public’s and then the winner is finally decided.

The Community accounts for 25% of the overall vote and the Esports Awards Panel make up the final 75% of the vote. The winners are announced at the Esports Awards ceremony!


StreamSpell started from the dream of a streamer, who questioned himself if graphic design was a good way to improve the quality of the content he produced. The answer clearly turned out to be positive: yes, visual identity and graphic design could be great allies. This answer motivated him to search for the best artists around the world.

Since 2017 we have been working to deliver unique quality work and today we are a team of more than 30 artists specialized in different areas: graphic design, motion, illustration, programming and much more. Our main goal is to be there for streamers, content creators and the Esports scene, always helping people to find their own uniqueness through design and creativity.

The Esports Awards nomination was a dream that we built together: as a team and with each one of you that supported us. StreamSpell was announced as a finalist for the “Creative Team of the Year” category on July 29 and we couldn’t be happier to know all of these years led to this.

The “Esports Creative Team of the Year” category celebrates those that build the perception of brands, streams, content and more, always taking into consideration the recognition and sentiment that defines top-level creative work. To be a finalist in such a huge and amazing category is a honor and the result of passion, hard work and trust within our team and clients.

We can't thank you enough for nominating us and for all the support during all of these years! There is a lot more to come from us in the next few years and we are so excited to know you guys are coming along with us.

Yes, it’s possible to connect people around the world with design and to change lives forever with creativity! Let's create together!

With love,
StreamSpell Team

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