March 16, 2023

Affiliate Program!

Want to get direct support from your viewers every time they make a purchase on the StreamSpell store? We've got you! It's time to raise the StreamSpell flag and earn some cash while also helping your viewers and friends!  

For all of these years, you’ve supported us and our art, sharing our designs across the streaming and content creation world. So it's time for us to return all of this love!  

Now you can earn cash every time you refer a viewer and they go on to buy our designs. You'll have access to an affiliate link, a custom coupon and even some free banners and panels for your channel.

Did we get your attention? 👀 Keep reading to know more about it!


An affiliate program is a nice arrangement between creators/streamers and brands. As an affiliate, the creator earns a percentage cut of each purchase made by their viewers of every sale they refer ("referrals") and, at the same time, the brand get some promotion!

So here are a few points about Affiliate Programs:

  • You can earn some extra cash!

That extra money can help you with your channel, for example. You won't be counting only with subs or donations!

  • Are you offline? You can still earn!

It's a nice and effective way of earning money even when you are not streaming! Your viewers can still use the coupon or your affiliate link even when you are offline.

  • Offering only the best for your supporters!

When you are an affiliate, you are able to offer great discounts and coupons for your viewers! That's a nice way of returning all the love and support they give to you!


Our affiliate program was created thinking about you! It's very simple and below, you can check more about how it works:

  • You’ll receive a unique affiliate URL, which you can share with your supporters.
  • You can also get a custom 15% discount code, which you are also able to offer to your viewers.
  • Every time someone uses your link or your coupon code to visit our store and make a purchase, you get 15% commission on total referral sales.

Twitch Stream Packages


Getting your coupon is pretty easy! You just need to contact StreamSpell's team and they are able to create that coupon for you in just a few seconds!

You'll only need to inform the email you used to create the account and the word you want as your coupon code! That's it. The team member will create it for you and you'll be good to go!


You can choose how you prefer to share your affiliate URL and coupons, but StreamSpell also made sure to offer a free affiliate kit that may help you while displaying your affiliation.

It includes:

  • 2 panels option (for Twitch or other platforms)
  • A banner
  • And a a "Become an Affiliate" banner

You can find the affiliate kit on the Marketing Tools page on your affiliate portal!

Become an Affiliate

It's up to you to use the ones you prefer! But here's a little tip that may help you: using panels and banners can easily atract your supporters and also help them find your affiliate link/coupon way faster and easier.


When creating your account and loging it, you'll be able to check everything related to your account on your portal!

Affiliate Program

That's the main page you will be redirected to after login! Right there you can easily find information about everything and also more details about the affiliate program itself!

Everything is clear and easy to locate, and you can always access the Guide page to find more answers and check the important details!

On your portal, you are able to:

  • Review and manage your affiliate link!
  • Review your referral orders in Commissions and track the payment updates from the brand!
  • Access the brand’s media gallery in Marketing tools to promote the brand better!
  • Find how to contact StreamSpell!

On your portal, you can also find the Commission page, where you are able to check everything related to each comission (Referral ID, Total Sales, Status and more) and also download that information if you prefer.

You can also access the Payment page, and in there you can overview all payment related information, like date/time processed, total processed, payment method and also the action.

Everything is pretty intuitive and easy to locate! And of course, if you ever have any doubts, you can always contact StreamSpell and we'll be happy to help you!


StreamSpell can't thank you all enough for your constant support and love during all of these years. That's a nice way of returning that favor!

We know how streaming is hard (believe us, we see you!), and finding a way to earn some extra cash and also helping friends/viewers with discounts is something that comes in handy.

So start sharing out your link and coupon! Let our journey as affiliates begin

With love,
StreamSpell Team 💙

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