March 16, 2023

Time to get spooky! 💀

Prepare your stream (and yourself!) for the spookiest time of the year! Wicked monsters escaped your nightmares and ghosts are here to give you the chills! 👻

StreamSpell will help you to get ready for Halloween with some of our scariest overlays and stream packages! Nothing beats a package full of spooky and creepy decorations!

Haunted Night Stream Package

Our Haunted Night Stream Package has arrived, opening the doors to the most wicked time of the year! A cemetery, creepy trees and the most famous pumpkins are here to set your stream channel for October.

Bats with their piercing red eyes invade your screen and take you to the next scene in our animated transition and purple and orange, bats and spooky pumpkins lit by candle flames create amazing light and shadow effects in our animated alerts!

Vampire Stream Package

Feel the power of our Vampire Stream Package in your veins! Nightfall has brought the red moon that reveals the bloodthirsty dwelling! Make sure to get your fangs ready!

The bat-shaped alerts bring the glowing red to announce your messages. And bats fly across your screen in the nightscape that takes you to the next scene in our animated transition!    

Enchanted Night Stream Package

Awaken your magical side in our Enchanted Night Stream Package! Prepare your newest stream potion with some crystals, moonlit blessed leaves, 7 drops of love potion and a breathtakingly original illustration!

The crescent moon will appear in the clouds and take you directly to the next moment of your stream in our animated transition!

When it comes to our animated alerts, they feature a dream filter and a vintage witch's hat providing just the right dose of power and magic for you and your viewers. No negative energy will reach you!

Whispers Stream Package

Our Whispers Stream Package scares at first glance, but it's created especially for those who are drawn to the occult. The black wooden background with the creepy candles and the ouija board make your broadcast as obscure as possible! In the end, it's all just a game. Isn't it?

The alerts have black and orange tones thanks to a dread flame that's triggered when the event pops off. Flames and darkness go well together, and a massive 3D planchette flies across the screen during the transition, adding the final touch of darkness to this package!

Duskwood Stream Package

Our Duskwood Stream Package is here to set up your viewers to your spookiest stream yet! Live pumpkins, flying bats, spooky houses and a dusk forest are some of the elements that work together to give your viewers the chills!

The beautiful balance between orange and shades of blue is present in this package! Flames directly from those pumpkin’s eyes form the alerts, alongside scary bats! Besides that, you are able to see those flames and fire come back to take you to another scene in our flammable transition!

And of course! Don't forget to check our store to find more options! Spooky or not, StreamSpell got you covered!

With love,

StreamSpell Team 💙

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