Viking: Odin Stream Package

All designs have full compatibility with Streamlabs Desktop and StreamElements.

This package has 5 languages available: English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish and German.

Wisdom and power of the god of war! 🌩️

Our Viking: Odin Stream Package has brought the mission of sharing the knowledge of the Allfather with lovers of Norse mythology.

Driven by the runic wisdom of Yggdrasill, this package contains all the elements that honor the glorious Odin, such as the power of his wisdom portrayed by the all-seeing and all-hearing ravens, the entrance of Bifrost, which establishes the link between Asgard and Midgard, and his power that appears on your screen in every single detail of this design worthy of the entrance to Valhalla.

The blending blue of the transition rays and the sky filled with Odin's messenger crows will bring all the strength and power you desire into your stream. Ideal for games like Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, God of War: Ragnarök and the newest game Valheim.

This package has 2 versions: animated and non-animated. Feel free to pick the best one for you!

Meant for:

  • Twitch
  • Youtube
  • Facebook Gaming
  • Trovo

Works perfectly with:

  • Streamlabs Desktop
  • StreamElements
  • OBS Studio
  • Lightstream
  • XSplit
  • and more!

This package contains:

  • Setup Tutorials
  • 4 Animated Screens - Starting, BRB, Ending, Intermission
  • 1 Offline Screen
  • 12 Animated Alerts (with sound effects) - Twitch, Youtube and Facebook Gaming
  • Webcam Frame - 16:9
  • Modular Stream Labels Overlays - custom icons for each event
  • 43 Stream Panels
  • Animated Stinger Transition
  • Social Media Headers - Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook
  • Social Media Profile Picture
  • Source Files (.PSD)
  • After Effects Editable File (Only text)
  • Includes official soundtrack and sound effects.
  • Font

What’s included

Check Icon - Dark X Webflow Template
Setup tutorials: OBS Studio, Streamlabs, StreamElements and more.
Check Icon - Dark X Webflow Template
Optimized for Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Kick and more.
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Easy Install  
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Fast Support

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