When we are talking about theme-related stream packages, StreamSpell is the place you are looking for, and some of the most loved ones are obviously our anime and manga inspired ones!

So it's time to call all of the otakus out there! Check out some of our products inspired by some of the best japanese animations!


Naruto inspired packages

Crows Stream Package

Inspired by Itachi

Calling all of the lovers of this skilled shinobi!

Featuring a design developed with a intense flight of crows among red clouds, our package is inspired by the internal battles of the genius Itachi!

The crows announce our beautiful alerts, invoking all of the power right in the middle of your screen!

And in our animated transition, a storm is announced in the sky filled with red clouds, where the crows take you to the next scene in your stream.

Susanoo Stream Package

Inspired by Sasuke

Inspired by the powerful Sasuke's avatar, this package is here to surround you and fight on your behalf!

Watch all the power in this new package!

Totally inspired by Sasuke's Susanoo, this stream package is filled with energy and the strongest ability to those who have awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan in both eyes!

In our animated alerts, you will be able to witness all of the mastery and the force present in your chakra!

Purple smoke shows up on your screen in the animated transition, alongside powerful lighting, that will lead you and your viewers to the next screen on your stream!

Ninja: Blood Night Stream Package

Inspired by Akatsuki

We all know that in the end only ninjas can stop ninjas!

Our favorite covert agents and mercenaries arrived, alongside a powerful stream package that will surprise your viewers!

The vigorous red and black colors are part of the strong palette that brings this package to life.

Let's throw some stars and watch the blood sky! The alerts show up as a mysterious smoke carries the beautiful ninja mask and their famous stars so you can get ready for any battle anytime!

Learn everything about ninjas stealthiness with our animated transition! A fast and deadly ninja star shows up and take you to your next stream scene!

Renegade Stream Package

Inspired by Anbu

Summon the power of the red cloud!

Either rogue ninjas or exiled ones will have no choice but to surrender to the power of the mysteries and the force gathered in this pack.

The vision of the Sharingan present in the detail of the screens, with the red of the clouds of blood in an animation that will challenge even the strongest tailed beast, will make lovers of the anime world and avid manga readers want to have our newest design in their streams.

Pokémon inspired packages

Blaze, Aqua, Violet & Scarlet Stream Packages

🔥 Gotta catch ‘em ! 🌊

Choose your ability with all of these packages inspired by the most famous anime out there!

Now you can increase the combat power of your broadcasts with our newest package inspired by the abilities of the most amazing pocket monsters in the anime universe!

Whether with the flaming flames, watery torrents or whatever you prefer, these variations have characteristic colors to them, presenting a super fun background!

It is the ideal choice for you who enjoy the Pokémon game series!

The alerts appear with a spinning ball right in the middle of your screen and release all the power from within, while rotating effects with the chosen ability switch scenes in our animated transition!


Demon Slayer Stream Package

Inspired by Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Welcome to the Demon Slayer Corps 🗡️

Inspired by the anime success, we developed this package for lovers of the manga and animated world!

This extremely original and fun package perfectly matches anime universe inspired battle games such as Jump Force, One Piece Pirate Warriors 4, Persona 5 Royal and much more!

Designed in red, black and white it is possible to identify the references to the successful series in the whole package, as the effects that remind the powerful Nichirin Blade of Tanjirō.

Last Chance Stream Package

Inspired by Your Name

If you see it, you'll know. 🌌

With a comet mysteriously connecting the lives of two people, this lovely stream package is here to show you the power of fate and love.

Inspired by the famous Japanese film Your Name (Kimi no Na wa - 君の名は。), we captured all the beauty of this romantic and dramatic journey, putting all the magic into this pack design. Its versatility works perfectly with Watch Parties or even Just Chatting streams! It also fits games like Gris, Persona 5, Catherine, Genshin Impact and more!

This bundle has 2 colors schemes available: Night Sky and Golden Hour; the first is based on the bluest and starriest skies, and the second makes you feel surrounded by the delicacy and mystery of destiny.

In our animated alerts, two comets intertwine on your screen showing you what fate has brought you, and when switching scenes, those two comets continue to follow your journey, meeting each other and exploding, leading you to the next scene.

Battousai Stream Package

Inspired by Samurai X

The Mighty Manslayer ⚔️

You can see Sakabatō, the legendary sword of the inverted blade, which possesses all power and the strength of the souls of those who were killed by it, bringing the courage and skills of the legendary Hitokiri Battōsai to this amazing package!

Two katanas appear doing the characteristic moves of Battoujutsu until they cross each other in the middle of our animated alerts!

Hitokiri makes his mark on our animated transition, which promotes scene switching with the legendary movement of his Sakabatō!

So make sure to check all anime and manga related themes (and many more options!) on our store right now!

With love,

StreamSpell Team 💙